Ya reckon?  Hard to tell these days.  Worked all my life and then the company I worked for folded in May, 2011.  Took me this long to get the nerve to write anything.  Of course I have been griping and complaining on my Facebook page.  I am 66 years old, female.  I have turned in  resumes for jobs and had no one get in touch with me.  I know that it is possibly that I am being too honest.  I hardly ever missed a day of work for the past 18 years.  Never took vacation either until the last year.  I was honest about the fact that I have MS which is long words is multiple sclerosis and RA which is also rheumatoid arthritis.  No one wants an older person in their office even one with ailments.  They won’t give you a chance.  This new younger generation wants to think they know more.  They don’t realize that the older generation is more patient, has more experience and has seen it all.  One day I hope when they get my age they will understand, but it will be too late for me.  Older people just want to work.  We can also at times work for less and save the companies money.  We are mostly more dependable because we want to be there.  It is not a “have to” work. 

Some days are worse than others.  But I am getting use to it now.  I even slept till 07:15 today.  Wow! that is an event for myself. 

 Took my coffee and sat on the porch with my dogs, listening to the birds.  There was one bird in the front tree chirping and then a little later I heard the same chirp from the back yard tree.  I listen for a while see there was a sort of plan to all the noise like they were talking.  Then I got tickled.  I know, old folks can find humor in strange places.  But ya know, those bird were tweating each other.  If only I could understand how to use my tweeter.